Everyone needs a bucket list, especially if you often have a serious case of wanderlust. After all, there is so much to see and experience on this beautiful planet, and missing out isn’t an option. From natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef, to amazing man-made creations such as Machu Picchu, there are so many things people need to see while they can. Whether you consider yourself a seasoned traveller or haven’t explored past Europe, this list is for you. Check out Mymanu’s top five places to see before you die – start planning your trip now!




The Northern Lights

This spectacular natural phenomenon attracts thousands of people to Scandinavia each year, and with good reason. There has never been more opportunities to view the colourful display in the sky, from cruises in the Fiords to beautiful igloos with transparent ceilings. You’ll have to head towards the Arctic to catch the Aurora Borealis, with the best destinations including Iceland, Finland and Norway.





The Great Migration

Great Migration You haven’t truly experienced life on earth until you have witnessed the Great Migration on the Serengeti plains. An African safari is an absolute must for any explorer, and there is no greater place to see wildlife than in this World Heritage Site.





The Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef From the African wilderness to the underwater magnificence of The Great Barrier Reef. Located off the coast of Australia, this is the planet’s largest reef and can even be seen from space. Bursting with hundreds of species of colourful corals and a vast array of wildlife, there is nowhere better for an underwater adventure. Scientists have recently discovered that part of the coral is dead or dying – so it might be best to see this reef while you can.





The Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal This beautiful piece of Indian history is a wonder of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It attracts around seven million visitors a year, and once you view it in person you’ll understand why. It really is a fascinating and mesmerising example of architecture, and you’ll never believe how something so incredible was built in the 1600s.





Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Trekking Machu Picchu is a venture you simply must experience in your lifetime. At almost 8,000 feet above sea level, it can be challenging to reach the Inca citadel, but the view is so worth the effort. Peru’s masterpiece of Inca architecture has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983, and is one of South America’s – and the world’s – greatest tourist attractions.