Mymanu and Golden Tulip Olymp, Munich

Mymanu and Golden Tulip Olymp, Munich

  • Mymanu was called in to help the Golden Tulip Olymp hotel in Munich improve guest and customer satisfaction ratings
  • Mymanu technology was provided to staff and guests during a 9-week pilot to investigate new ways to meet changing technology expectations
  • 90% of users would recommend the technology to others
  • 9 in 10 guests said Mymanu’s technology had improved their stay

The Client

Following the successful trial with another worldwide hotel chain, Mymanu was invited to run a similar test at the Golden Tulip Olymp Hotel in Munich. Part of the Louvre Hotels Group and with a global reach, Golden Tulip has a presence in 34 countries. It welcomes a significant number of guests from different nations. This means the 4-star properties of Golden Tulip need and expect the newest technologies to help make guests feel as welcome and as comfortable as possible.

The Challenges Faced by Golden Tulip

As with any business that operates at an international level, one of Golden Tulip’s core challenges is offering efficient and effective communication solutions to guests speaking other languages. This is key to enhancing the overall experience and satisfaction rating given by each visitor. For Mymanu, this challenge meant using our proprietary technology in a smart, targeted manner to produce the best outcomes for both guests and staff. Mymanu was awarded a pilot programme by Golden Tulip thanks to the powerful capabilities of our unique live voice translation technology. This was compounded by ease of use, making Mymanu a perfect partner for any busy commercial or hospitality environment. Golden Tulip’s overall aim was to adapt to its guests’ changing technology needs to increase customer retention, boost brand loyalty, increase the number of returning overseas guests checking in at its properties and, ultimately, to meet new client expectations with regards to assistive technology.

The Solution

Arriving at the Golden Tulip Olymp, the first thing our team did was assess the layout and facilities of the modern 4-star hotel. We found 136 spacious rooms and apartments, state-of-the-art function rooms for meetings and teambuilding activities and a well-being area including a Finnish sauna, steam baths and salt cave. Whirlpools and a TechnoGym-equipped fitness area complete the leisure offerings. Given the various spaces and diverse environments, it was clear that the Mymanu system would need to be agile and versatile, suitable for use across different room and amenity types and be able to meet the many different needs of staff and guests simultaneously. To provide as much coverage as possible for Golden Tulip Olymp, the Mymanu team designed a comprehensive solution to assist both guests and staff. We provided Mymanu technology to reception desk staff and concierges, in order to enable quick, seamless interaction with guests seeking directions and information about the local area, but also to meet queries involving hotel facilities and the nearby airport. Mymanu technology was also rolled out internally to improve communication between international staff. To ensure maximum efficiency and site coverage, staff were also provided with handheld Mymanu devices for internal communications. Hotel hosts received Mymanu Clik technology, with guests using dedicated touch screen equipment installed on-site. This enabled guests to select and speak in their own language. The host then hears the translation directly through the Mymanu Clik device, with the translation appearing on screen. In response, the host taps and holds their earbuds and can respond in their own language. The guest sees the translation displayed on the dedicated translation screen and they can hear it to if needed. This speech-to-speech and speech-to-text translation is all part of Mymanu’s proprietary translation system.

The Results

At the end of the 9-week pilot, we surveyed guest and staff users about how Mymanu technology had affected or enhanced their stay – and the results were excellent. More than 2/3 of those surveyed said that the technology had a positive experience on their stay. 90% said the technology was easy to use and that they would recommend it to others. 90% of those surveyed said that Mymanu translation technology had enriched their experience at the Golden Tulip Olymp. Finally, and perhaps most importantly of all, 90% of people surveyed said that the Mymanu technology on-site at the hotel had improved communication for them during the trial period.


“I found the technology easy to use and much quicker than I expected. It made the things that are normally hard work – asking for directions and local restaurant recommendation – really simple and easy.” Guest quote

“In terms of improving my ability to help guests, the Mymanu technology we’ve been using has been of enormous help. I think it also made me more efficient and better at my job, because I didn’t need to find help from other staff to understand a guest and could do everything from the touch screen and Clik technology.” Staff quote

“I’ve never stayed in a hotel that had this kind of thing before, but I have to say it was a huge help for me. It made communicating with colleagues much easier and if I needed to ask the staff something complex, the translation screen and earpiece worked perfectly.” Guest quote

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