The Countdown is ON for the World’s Smartest

True wireless earbuds.

Are you ready for the world’s most ground-breaking true wireless earbuds? Clik, designed by Mymanu are a revolution for your ears. We’re super excited to announce that early bird discounts are now available for VIP members. You can join the VIP list for free and get your early bird discount for the Clik wireless earphones The precision engineered earbuds are set to be the must-have gadget for music lovers, travellers and tech enthusiasts. Not only do they deliver crystal clear HD audio, but using Bluetooth you can stay connected while keeping your hands free. One of the most astonishing features of the Clik earbuds is the vocal translator – for the first time ever, you’ll be able to translate speech to a language of your choice and have it read aloud into your ear for you to repeat. There are so many reasons to sign up for the latest updates about Clik. Here are just a few of its astonishing features of the true wireless earbuds: [caption id="attachment_6580" align="alignnone" width="300"] true wireless earbuds true wireless earbuds[/caption]


  • The Clik  true wireless earbuds features a sleek, ergonomic design. We worked with specialists to ensure the earbuds will fit every type of ear shape, and there are even replaceable tips for a customised fit.
  • Premium audio technology including noise cancellation and pass through sound feature.
  • Phone notifications which can be personalised. Answer phone calls, have text messages read into your ear and more. With a swipe of the hand or a press on the earbud you can carry out actions for your smartphone on-the-go.
  • Get help abroad when trying to communicate in another language, simply by saying what you want to be translated.
  • The fashionable design is available in a number of colours, and has a trendy LED light which is customisable for different contacts.
  • Functional and fashionable – the earbuds take wireless technology to the next level, but also make for an impressive personal gadget with its sleek design.
  • The earbuds come with a compact charging case, for charging on-the-go. It can also be connected to your phone so you can top up your battery life anywhere
Here at Mymanu we love music, and we love technology. These brand new smart earbuds are the product of that harmonious marriage of passions, and we believe these are truly the world’s smartest wireless earbuds. They keep us connected to our music and our friends and family, and have the potential to change our lives. We’ll soon be starting a Kickstarter campaign to put the Clik  true wireless earbuds into production. You can be one of the very first people to own the word’s smartest earphones by supporting the campaign and signing up for the early bird discount. Stay tuned for more updates on Clik, true wireless earbuds!