Mymanu Clik PRO honoured for pioneering cross-cultural travel with CES Innovation Award

Mymanu Clik PRO honoured for pioneering cross-cultural travel with CES Innovation Award

Mymanu’s Clik PRO, its latest translation earbud marvel, has won the prestigious CES® 2024 Innovation Award Honoree in the Headphones &

Personal Audio category. This award recognizes Clik PRO's unparalleled innovation and

transformative impact on cross-cultural communication in the travel industry and beyond.

Recent statistics from the U.S. Census reveal that 80% of Americans lack proficiency in a second language, limiting their ability to engage fully with diverse cultures, try local delicacies, and truly

experience the essence of a foreign destination. In a world where language barriers such as these are all too common and hinder immersive travel experiences, Clik PRO has emerged as a true game-changer.

With its real-time translation capabilities in 50+ languages available either offline, via Wi-Fi or with eSim, and superior sound technology, Clik PRO can empower millions of people to immerse

themselves into local cultures, converse with ease, and savor authentic cuisines. Moreover, Clik Pro’s’ unique speaker and translation functionality built in the charging case, eliminates the need for a smartphone, making it a seamless and intuitive tool for travelers seeking genuine cross-cultural


"Clik PRO is not just a product; it's an enabler of authentic travel experiences”, says Danny Manu, CEO of Mymanu. “It breaks down language barriers in so many ways, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in local cultures and create lasting memories. We are thrilled that CES has recognized the transformative impact of Clik PRO on the way we connect and experience the world."

Clik Pro will premiere at CES 2024 at the Venetian Expo on stand 55132 and go on pre-order at $199 (RPP $259) on . The first products will be shipped from April 2024. With Clik Pro, step into a new era of travel exploration, empowerment, and

unlimited connections.

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About Mymanu brand:

CEH Technologies is an innovative manufacturer and designer of smart consumer electronics, and

creator of the Mymanu brand, that aims to enrich people’s experience through the power of sound.

We’ve combined our passion for innovation, music, and technology to develop unique and truly wireless solutions with the finest sound quality that will empower people to celebrate and create new experiences while connecting with others. At CEH Technologies, we strive to maintain an

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