Can't afford an expensive Christmas? These cheap Christmas gifts will save Christmas and your bank account!

After the tough year 2020 has given us, it's fair to say that many been dreading the Christmas month. Although we love the magic and spirit that Christmas brings, some just aren't financially prepared for Christmas. COVID-19 has left people on furlough, made others redundant and forced businesses to close both temporarily and permanently. If you've been financially affected by the pandemic like many others, you might have to tighten your Christmas budget - but don't worry, your Christmas won't be any less magical than usual. We've found some cheap Christmas gifts that everyone will enjoy, so you can still keep Christmas on the cards and the bills balanced!






Although a candle might sound like a boring present, it's the little things that can really make someone's day. You can turn a cheap Christmas gift like a candle or even wax melts and make them into something thoughtful - you just need to be inventive! Find out what scents your giftee likes or what they would use a scented candle for and go from there. Would they use the candle as a decoration or would they use it for its odour-busting abilities? If the answer is decoration, get a quirky looking or even a personalised candle that fits their style. If the answer is the smell, find a candle scent that you know they love or a candle that does a specific job - like pet odour eliminating candles for those who have animals.






If you know someone that's a bit of a foodie, a cookbook is a simple, easy and cheap Christmas gift option to choose from. There are many varieties of cookbooks that are all fairly affordable, so it's best to find one that fits the recipient best. Fans of the Great British Bake Off would appreciate a baking cookbook, potentially from star bakers Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood. Even pop star and rap legend, Snoop Dogg, has his own cookbook! If you're feeling extra cheeky, a cookbook could be the perfect subtle hint to give your partner - maybe you'll get a 3-course meal cooked for you!





Quirky charger

Everyone needs a charger in this day and age, so it makes for a fool-proof cheap Christmas gift. To put a slight twist on the standard charger, find one that's got a quirk to it - like a wireless charger or even a magnetic charger! If you're unsure of what charging port your friend or family's device has, a magnetic 3-in-1 charging lead would be a perfect option. These magnetic cables work by having interchangeable tips, so you can choose between Type-C, Micro-USB and Lightning port tips. For those who have devices that are compatible with wireless charging, a sleek-looking wireless charger could make a great home or office accessory.





Framed photo

If you're looking for a thoughtful, family-orientated gift, a framed photo is ideal. This is another cheap gift option that could be given to just about anyone. Choose a meaningful photo you think they would like, or you could even go all out and make a collage, and then pop it into a frame. If you're unsure of frame styles, a simple plain border frame is usually a great option for all houses. In case you don't have a printer or access to photo printing, you can use FreePrints to print out a selection of photos for free (just pay for shipping).





Beer set

If you're looking for some cheap Christmas gifts for men, a fancy beer is usually a knock-out. Of course, any beer-lover will appreciate a giftset of beers too! Most supermarkets tend to stock beer and other alcohol gift sets during the Christmas period, so you shouldn't have to wait for anything to be shipped to you. Alternatively, if the supermarket gift sets aren't to your taste, you can search for the perfect gift set on Not on the High Street. The good thing about a gift set is that they usually come with different ranges and flavours, so you don't necessarily have to know which kind of beer your giftee likes - they're bound to like one in the set!