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How To Break Your Screen Addiction: 6 Simple Steps


It's no secret that screens have become a staple of modern society. Smartphones, tablets, and computer monitors are all essential to the daily lives of many people. However, as technology advances more and more into our lives, the risk of becoming dependent and addicted to these devices grows. If you're already in the midst of screen addiction, or want to stop yourself from heading in that direction (you can check out some of the tell-tale screen addiction and dependency signs here), then follow these 6 steps to breaking your dependency and addiction to these screened devices!


6 Steps To Break Your Screen Addiction

Set A Screen Limit


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It might seem difficult at first, but setting a limit or goal you want to achieve will help you to break your screen dependency and addiction. Firstly, decide on a usage limit per day - this could be anywhere from 30 minutes a day to 3 hours a day - it all depends on you! Once you've set a daily limit, try it out for a week and then gradually extend that week into two, then a month, etc. After a while you will start to loose the fear of not having your phone, and you'll find other ways to spend your time.


Disconnect From Social Media


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If you're not quite ready to limit your mile usage completely, try just reducing or cutting off your social media for a while. Social media can get us quite stressed and can hypnotise you into spending hours mindlessly scrolling through feeds. Try logging out or deleting your social media apps for a week, but still using your phone for other things like texting, calling, or searching things on the internet. If you're a sucker for social media, it might help you disconnect from your device and give you some space to breathe.


Find Other Ways To Fill your Time


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The world has so many things to offer, so take advantage of it! Instead of sitting on your phone and browsing TikTok or playing another game of CandyCrush, you could try finding a hobby or pastime. Reading, sports, or even just leaving the house and venturing round your neighbourhood or town are great ways of passing the time more productively. If you want something to distract you from your phone withdrawal while you're working, you could simply pop in some earbuds and listen to some music or a soothing podcast - while we want to avoid the use of mobile phones, you can still use other forms of screen-less technology.


Charge Your Phone In Another Room


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If you can, charge your phone outside of your bedroom at night. When we sleep with our phones within arms length, it can be way too tempting to pick it up and keep scrolling. Putting your phone in another room to charge overnight takes away that urge to check and use your phone, so you won't be up all night staring at blue light from your screen. While this won't help your phone usage during the day, it can help you get a better nights sleep and get you to cut down on unnecessary phone usage - after all, most important calls, messages, and emails come through during the day time, not at 3AM.


Turn Off Notifications


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Notification are great for telling us when something important needs our attention. Unfortunately, most smartphone notifications are general spam from shopping apps or game apps. To stop your eyes from wandering to your phone and to stop your screen from lighting up and pinging every few minutes, you can turn off all notifications except for important ones like messaging apps and phone calls. This way you'll still be notified of the important things, while avoiding other notifications that could grab your attention and set off your screen addiction.


Leave Your Devices At Home


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Instead of packing your laptop, tablet, or any other screen device before you head out for the day, choose to leave them at home - this includes your mobile phone, too! Leaving your devices at home will let you escape from the constant dependency and screen addiction you have, and could open your eyes to everything you're missing out on when you're too busy looking down at your screen!

While taking steps to break your screen addiction could be good for you, it can be hard to keep up the good work. To make sure you don't slip right back into your old ways, try to swap out screen-based activities for screen-less alternatives as much as possible. Don't know where to start? Try our tips for going screen-less

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