If you’re currently living in the US or Canada and looking for a holiday destination to plan a trip to during 2018, you’re in luck – North America is filled with diverse cities and remote locations to explore. You don’t have to travel far at all to find a vacation location that has everything you’re looking for. Check out these five North American destinations if you’re in need of some inspiration.




Santa Fe

There are plenty of reasons to head to New Mexico, US, and capital of the state Santa Fe is the place to start. Firstly, if you’re a foodie, you’ll love the choice and quality on offer here, it’s part of the reasons it was named a great destination to visit. When it comes to culture, Santa Fe doesn’t disappoint either. There’s a huge art scene in the city and over 100 incredible galleries to discover, so you’re sure to find pieces that capture your interest. If you like to get active when on vacation, Santa Fe is a good choice too. Its location means it’s perfect for hiking and mountain biking through the stunning Sangre de Cristo range.





Quebec City

If you’re looking for somewhere that’s chiller, Quebec City should be on your list of considerations, even during the colder winter months. The city has the perfect mix of history, architecture, and nature just steps away from your accommodation. In the city, the historic city, known as Vieux Quebec, is a mist visit. It’s a designated UNESCO world heritage site and offers a glimpse of what Quebec City would have looked like a few centuries ago, plus is boasts a fantastic selection of boutiques and cafes. In the evenings, head out for a nightlife filled with music and vibrancy and for when you just want to get away from it all, the stunning Canadian countryside is just beyond the borders of the city.





Bnaff National Park

When you want to get back to nature, Bnaff National Park is one of the overlooked gems. It’s a well-known ski spot but it offers a whole lot more besides. It’s the oldest of Canada’s national parks, having been established in 1885, and the mountains, glaciers, ice fields, and dense forest make for an incredible backdrop to your vacation photos. The town of Bnaff means you can experience the wilderness and nature without giving up your usual comforts, there’s bars, restaurants, and shops around. Saint Kitts Island When you’re looking for tropical sun and beautiful beaches, Saint Kitts Island is perfect. Whether you choose to fly over to the island or head out as part of a luxury cruise, Saint Kitts has a lot to offer. The destination has a mixture of stunning beaches, breath-taking mountains, and bustling towns to explore. The island is filled with history and nature, so when you’ve had your fill of sunbathing, you won’t be at a loss or things to do. If you prefer a quieter vacation destination, Nevis is just across the Narrows and offers a more tranquil experience.