Europe is a treasure trove of beautiful destinations, from vibrant urban cities to relaxing locations by the sea. If you’re looking for a new place to head that’s close to home in Europe this year, we’ve got five incredible spots for you to think about heading to.




Amalfi Coast

Head away from the usual Italian hot spots and visit the absolutely beautiful Amalfi Coast instead. It’s been declared a UNESCO world heritage site and is famous for its recognisable coastline. Benefitting from the Mediterranean weather, you can expect sun plenty of daylight when you visit here in the summer months. The 30-mile stretch of coastline is known for its Italian luxury and charming towns. It’s ideal for a romantic trip away while still getting to experience Italy. It’s also located perfectly to visit other parts of Italy on day trips, including Pompeii.








The country of Malta is a melting pot of different European cultures, leading to a rich history and a great selection of attractions across the country. Capital city Valletta has built up a reputation for incredible museums, palaces, churches, and Baroque landmarks all waiting to be explored when you’re on holiday this year. Part of the intrigue of visiting Malta is the mythology of the island itself, which can be uncovered in Valletta. The city is filled with relics from the past and imposing historic forts but that doesn’t mean it disappoints on the nightlife front either, Strait Street was commonly frequented by American and British sailors in the nineteenth century and it’s recently had a revival.







Losinj Island

Croatia is filled with natural beauty and Losinj Island is no different. It’s often overlooked as a place to head but that’s set to change in 2018 and beyond. There are two old towns to explore on the island – Veli Losinj is perfect if you want a secluded, authentic holiday, while Mali Losinj is geared more towards tourism. Whichever town you choose to stay, you’ll be surrounded by breath-taking views. The island is well known for its wellness focus so if you’re looking for a European holiday where you can truly relax and unwind, it’s the place to be. Even at the turn of the twentieth century, it was recognised for its calming qualities, leading to the area being named an ‘air spa’.







Riga Latvia

is fast becoming a trendy destination to visit and as the capital, it’s no surprise that Riga comes out top. Located on the Baltic Sea, Riga’s Old Town has become famous for its beauty while the vibrant nightlife centred around Livu Square draws in younger crowds looking for a fantastic evening. If you love history, Riga is a perfect fit with its cobbled streets and impressive churches. The mix of tourists and locals means you can really experience Riga from an excellent perspective, whether you sip a coffee at a local café or relax with a beer. It was named 2014 European Capital of Culture and has continued to build on its legacy since then.








Spain has long been a top destination for those that live in Europe but if you want to head to a new place in the sunny country, you should try Bilbao. The thriving city in northern Spain has over one million inhabitants and it effortlessly combines stunning urban architecture with beautiful landscapes just beyond the borders for a perfect mix. This year it’s been awarded the accolade of European City of the Year, partly thanks to its rich cultural offering. Whether you want to experience fine dining or delicious street food, you can find something to indulge in when you’re visiting Bilbao. When you’ve had your fill of museums and art galleries, you can find charming medieval towns surrounding the city or even venture out into the countryside.