Now that the world is finally returning to some kind of normality, it's understandable that the first thing on our list of newfound freedom is to travel. Unfortunately, COVID 19 is still lurking. So, while we can finally jet off and enjoy some foreign sun, we still have to be wary. We've compiled a list of top tips for safe travel, so you can stay safe and still see the world!
Make masks and hand sanitisers your new best friends
use masks and hand sanitisers to stay safe   By now, you should be used to wearing face masks and using hand sanitiser when out and about. When you're on public transport, going into shops and indoor places, or even if you're outdoors in a crowded place, you should make it a priority to pop on a mask. Sanitising your hands after touching things like door handles and elevator buttons is also important. COVID 19 can spread through droplets from coughs, sneezes, and talking. These droplets can then easily spread in the air and on objects, so these are essential tips for safe travel! The need to wear a mask and frequently sanitise your hands are simple - you want to reduce your chances of coming into contact with these droplets. The masks stop you and all those around you from spreading droplets, while the sanitiser will kill 99.99% of droplets that get on your hands. For ultimate protection, you should look for medical masks such as the N95 masks; these are the most effective masks for reducing the spread of COVID droplets than standard cloth masks.
Social distancing still applies abroad
tips for safe travel - social distancing Although you've escaped from regular life and jetted off abroad, you still need to socially distance! Government advice suggests standing at least six feet (two arm lengths) away from those that aren't in your household. COVID particles stand a harder chance of spreading if you stick to these measurements. Now we know that social distancing can be tricky to do at all times. Tourist hot spots can be pretty crowded, making it difficult to socially distance. Most places have adapted to conform to covid regulations, so this shouldn't be too much of an issue. As long as your mindful of the risks and take extra precautions (wearing a mask and using sanitiser), you will be less at risk. If you're eager about seeing the sights, a tip for safe travel is to prebook and check current COVID procedures. Look for things like one-way systems, floor guides, and capacity limits. If these are in place, you shouldn't have any problems with social distancing!
Enjoy the outdoors
staying outdoors will keep you safe from COVID Who wants to travel thousands of miles just to stay cooped up inside? Not us! When looking for tips for safe travel during the pandemic, being outdoors is key. There have been a few studies suggesting that catching COVID outdoors is quite rare - the chances are substantially lower than when you're indoors. Luckily, if you're looking to lay back and relax, this safety tip is easy to follow as you can sunbathe on beaches and by the pools. However, if you're in need of some outdoor activities for your itinerary, we've got you covered. You could try a self-guided city tour, a visit to a national park or zoo, an open-top cruise - or if you're feeling extra fancy, you could hire your own personal boat! As long as you're outdoors and having fun, you'll be as safe as can be.
Hire your own set of wheels
tips for safe travel - avoid public transport We've all been on public transport before, so we know how crowded and dirty they can be. Since we want to be as cautious as we can during our travels, it might be best to find an alternative to those packed coaches and train rides. We'd suggest hiring your own set of wheels! You can easily rent a car from Skyscanner, or if you prefer something more environmentally friendly and cheaper, you can hire a bicycle from Bikes Booking. There are also a few countries that offer electric scooters you can hire for a few hours to help you explore the city quicker. Currently, there are more than 150,000 scooters in 177 cities cumulatively in the US and Europe! If you have to use public transport, remember our other tips for safe travel - use your masks and hand sanitiser!
Use a safe translator
When you're abroad and can't speak the language, it can be challenging to ask for help or guidance. Add a mask and standing six feet apart from each other, and you've made a difficult task now almost impossible! Most translators on the market require some kind of sharing; some apps require sharing phones to type messages, while most earbuds require sharing earbuds to get the job done. For the best experience, you'll want a translator that you don't need to share with strangers and that you can still use while wearing a mask and socially distancing - Mymanu CLIK S translation earbuds tick all those boxes and can translate over 30 languages! To find out even more reasons why Mymanu CLIK S earbuds are a must-have travel safe necessity, click here.