Festive greetings from Mymanu Team – Hugh Jackman impressed by Mymanu Clik on TV

Hello manu’s,

We would like to wish everyone a great festive season! We hope you’ll enjoy a well-deserved break with family and friends. A few days ago Mymanu team took part in El Hormiguero  – a mix of science and talk show on Spanish TV! The host, Pablo Motos and Hugh Jackman tried Mymanu CLIK +! Look at their reaction! 🙂 Hard to impress super heroes! So chuffed to witness it! This is how Mymanu CLIK + is going to break down language barriers!

Assembly progress:

We have received more of the new proprietary battery buttons and will be working through Christmas to make sure the next batch is assembled on time.

Have a great festive season and speak with you next week! Thanks again for your support and patience.

Keep celebrating,