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mymanu translation earbuds

Mymanu CLIK S

Award-winning versatile translation earbuds. Fully immerse yourself in local culture by having the ability to communicate with over 2 billion people in 37+ languages. All whilst comfortably listening to your favourite...
wirelesscharger for iphone

Mymanu Smart Wireless Charger

Mymanu Smart Wireless charger mixes fast charging with a sleek presentation. Made from CNC aluminium alloy and diamond cutting PMMA vacuum plating mirror, this ultra-thin wireless charger will look the...
wireless charging pad

Mymanu 3 in 1 magnetic charging cable

3 in 1 magnetic charging cable works for Both IOS &Android. The Mymanu 3-in-1 Magnetic Charging Cable offers easy and fast charging for IOS and Android. With pull-resistant and anti-wrap...
Magnetic 360 iPhone XR case takes phone protection

Mymanu Protective Magnetic iPhone XR Case

Mymanu Protective Magnetic iPhone XR Case has 360 tempered glass offering protection for both the front and back of your iPhone XR. The clear glass won't distract from your iPhone's...
Mymanu Conference speaker

Mymanu Conference speaker

Mymanu portable conference speaker is the perfect companion for your meeting. It's designed to make conference calls easy and collaboration simple. It comes with a built-in microphone, so you'll be...